About Us

Here at RT Foundation, we thrive on bringing complete strangers together for a cause. Whether it be a common cause (Gold Star Family Members) or participating in events to raise awareness. 

We are a 501(c)3 pay it forward foundation.   For those of you who do not know the definition of "pay it forward", it is in the Oxford Dictionary as follows:

“Respond to a person’s kindness by being kind to someone else.”

The RT Foundation is our future.  The future is based on being able to cope with tragic family losses using the kindness given to us by others and in turn being kind to others who need it most. Together we stand strong and together we are resilient.



The RT Foundation was created for one to embrace the spirit of being resilient and to recover through your own loss by lending your heart to others who also are in need, as this, is the basis of healing.

The RT Foundation, established in March 2015, seeks to make its own unique stance on philanthropy. We seek to mend together all of those who have suffered loss and have needed a support system by serving as a forum, an educational space, and most of all the opportunity to promote causes that need attention.

The RT Foundation was created out of both grief and love. It is through grief that we learn that other human beings can help us recover. It is through love that we learn that when we pay it forward we heal ourselves.

Our Mission


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